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Hengshuai Micromotor Company, Ltd - - Micro Motors & Pump Assemblies

HMC Ningbo, Hengshuai Micromotor Company, Ltd - Founded in 1991, HMC is Mainland China's leading supplier of micro and sub-fractional motors and assemblies to the global automotive industry. With numerous patents for motor and pump design, HMC has introduced many innovative designs, including their patented "magnetic clutch" technology which is incorporated into their new DC brush and brushless, high performance pumps.

Located in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, the new (opened spring 2009) HMC technical and manufacturing campus includes over 500,000 square meters of purpose built technical, manufacturing and warehouse/logistics operations, and is dedicated to OEM manufacturing. In addition, HMC operates an 80,000 square meter production factory dedicated to "legacy" products.

HMC supplies the automotive industry with washer system components, auxiliary cooling pumps, actuator motors, seat adjust motors and components, blower motors, cooling fan motors, and a broad range of special purpose micromotors. In addition, HMC has a complete plastics molding operation, for products ranging from precision injection micro-molded components, (nozzles, gears, etc.), to large molding in both injection and blow molding, (liquid reservoirs and others). HMC's state of the art molding operation includes machine sizes from 35 ton to 500 ton. In support of HMC molding operations, HMC maintains a state of the art tooling and tool maintenance facility.

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Jing Mei Automotive - - Chrome Plated Plastics

Jing Mei Industrial Ltd. provides chrome plated plastic components to the automotive market through the Jing Mei Automotive Division. Typical components include exterior parts for wheel trim, body, door, lighting, radiator grilles, ornamentation, logos, nomenclature and mirrors. Interior parts include instrument cluster trim, door trim, door release and gear shift trim components. Manufacturing services include automotive part product development, mold design and fabrication, plastic injection molding, chrome plating and product assembly. Jing Mei also provides project management, warehousing and logistics management to customers in USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.

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Seojincam - - Engine Camshafts

SeoJin Cam was established in 1999 with a desire to develop the highest quality camshaft, the core of an efficient automobile engine. Seojin Cam has continually strived to develop a camshaft that functions in perfect harmony with the most lightweight, fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly automobile engines exhibiting maximum performance and high-grade efficiency. Seojin Cam's invention and perfection of hollow-sintered camshafts have revolutionized traditional methods of camshaft manufacture and boosted the company into becoming one of the leaders in the automotive industry. Seojin Cam has invested and focused much of the company's efforts into fostering innovative techniques, advanced construction methods and the latest in research and development to improve process and quality.

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TherCom Holdings - - Advanced Thermoplastic Composite Technologies

TherCom Holdings, LLC via its proprietary impregnation technology, is a global leader in Thermoplastic Composites. Their process achieves a virtual 100% wet out of the reinforcing fibers thereby requiring modest amounts of heat and pressure for secondary processing or molding. Their products are available as rolls of tape or as rolls of woven fabric. These products are available in various polymers, including but not limited to polypropylene, polyethylene, ABS, and nylon and can be reinforced with E-glass, S-Glass, Carbon, or Aramid fibers. Accordingly, these products are lightweight adn provide excellent physical properties and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Typical applications could include, but are not limited to, load floors, skid plates, and seat backs.

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United Metals Holdings Limited Ltd, HK - - Die-Castings, Aluminum & Zinc

United Metals Holdings Limited was established in 1993 to manufacture aluminum, zinc and magnesium die castings with plants in Dongguan. Major processes include die design and construction, die casting, precision machining and surface finishing. United Metals is a service oriented manufacturer with a corporate goal to excel and develop as a leading die-caster in the global marketplace. Current press sizes for aluminum die castings range from 135T - 900T, zinc die castings range from 75T - 220T, and one 650T magnesium die casting machine. United Metals Holdings Limited was listed on the HKSEC in 2003.

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Yu Shin Precision Industries Co. Ltd. - - Transmission, Brake & Engine Components

Yushin Precision Industries, headquartered in Inchon, South Korea, produces power train and transmission sub-components, including: Drive Plate, Ring Gear, Wave Plate Snap Ring, Thrust Washer, Spacer, Cushion and Belleville Springs as well as engine and transmission mounting brackets and clips. YSP produces a range of brake components including: booster shell, diaphram Plate, back plate and pad springs. With fine blanking capabilities YSP produces: torque plate, locking nut, sector gear and rod sector components. YSP has introduced a comprehensive range of hose clamps including: wire, spring, a nd band types, as well as an innovative "one-touch" hose clamp geared toward high volume production applications. YSP has achieved QS16949, ISO & QS9000, ISO 14001 and has been the recipient of numerous customer quality awards, and has received national recognition in their domestic market. YSP is a supplier to the largest OEM and tier suppliers in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, China and South Korea, and operates eight manufacturing sites in Europe, India, China and South Korea.

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