What OEM Customers and Principals Say About Working With Us

  • "Mayne-McKenney Inc. was hired to promote NA automotive OEM sales activities for RecepTec, LLC when the company was formed back in June, 1999. This relationship continued through the acquisition of RecepTec by Laird Technologies in March of 2006. Over the past nearly 14 year relationship, Mayne-McKenney has been instrumental in growing our sales in the NA automotive OEM segment from nothing in 1999 to roughly $100M in 2012."
  • "With a nearly 50 year history in the automotive business, Mayne-McKenney's team is very well connected at the Detroit 3 (General Motors, Ford and Chrysler). This access to senior level decision makers at the customers was instrumental in getting consideration for, and winning, our first contracts with these OEM's."
  • "Mayne-McKenney has the knowledge and willingness to take total responsibility for managing an account. By this I mean they act as our representatives across all functions of the customer's organization including Engineering, Quality, Production Control/Logistics and Accounting. Where most other rep's are gathering RFQ's and submitting quotes to the customer's buyer, Mayne-McKenney's Account Managers are the focal point for all interaction with the customer and manage the total relationship."
  • "Mayne-McKenney's team also makes a strong effort to thoroughly understand the products, organization and processes of their principals. They go out of their way to be an extension of our Laird team, to the point where many customers are not aware they are reps and assume they are dealing with Laird employees."
  • "As RecepTec/Laird's business has grown, Mayne-McKenney has been proactive in adding additional resources to their team to handle the workload and maintain the high level of support our customers expect. Over time, Mayne-McKenney has grown their team to five members fully dedicated to our business."
  • "Mayne-McKenney has a long and distinguished track record of developing principals which bring strong value to the automotive OEM customers. The customers know Mayne-McKenney's reputation for representing top notch players and, therefore, are more inclined to view their principals as lower risk than other potential new suppliers."
  • "Clarion has a 23-year contract with Mayne-McKenney and they performed all sorts of services for us, not only from a sales perspective, but project management as well. Most of their people who worked with us functioned as Clarion employees who carried a Clarion business card and assimilated into our organization."
  • "Mayne-McKenney was instrumental in opening doors and landing us a major program at Ford. Mayne-McKenney has excellent relationships in the industry, good customer intelligence gathering and smart, high-quality, ethical employees. After several years, essentially our company became very established at Ford and Mayne-McKenney basically worked themselves out of a customer. Our growth at Ford in the audio segment has grown far beyond our expectations and none of that would have been possible without Mayne-McKenney. We were a company no one knew and didn't know the right people to talk to. Mayne-McKenney was instrumental in establishing our company in the United States."
  • "I worked with Mayne-McKenney when they represented a Singapore company. It was beneficial to have Mayne-McKenney acting as sales manager and program manager to help with our technical questions since they provided seamless support and acted so knowledgeably for technical and quality issues. They would act seamlessly as a supplier vs. a sales manager."
  • "The key strengths that made Mayne-McKenney stand out - their sales and program management team have strong technical backgrounds and a strong understanding for the products they sell. It is much better and much more effective than working with a direct employee in Asia who wouldn't have a strong understanding of technical issues. They have excelled in finding off-shore suppliers and their team on the ground in the United States can address customer questions and solve technical issues."
  • "As a buyer, I tried to bring Mayne-McKenney in on key accounts due to their responsiveness and understanding of the cost structure and quality issues. I remember that we had quality issues in one of our facilities in the United States and Mayne-McKenney helped to identify the root cause of the problem. It ended up being contamination in our packaging and inherent to our process. Mayne-McKenney sent employees with a manufacturing background to the plant to review the product and work with manufacturing engineers to problem solve. A local sales manager would spend a lot of wasted time sending product back and forth. With Mayne-McKenney, we didn't have to worry about it. They could do the analysis right at the customer's facility and were much more aggressive to get answers."
  • "Mayne-McKenney's team also helped to work on cost reduction ideas by walking the plant floor at our facilities. They could come up with quality improvement suggestions since they understood the plant and their technologies enough, making it easy to transfer knowledge transfer locally to our engineering team."